Student Life Camp

2024 Dates: May 27 - 31 in Shocco Springs, AL

Video: Student Life Camp 2023

Important Camp Dates/Information:

Feb. 17th- March 17th – Hog N Bones Boston Butt. All tickets sold will go directly to the kid selling them and their camp balance.

April 7th – Youth Silent Auction and meal. All campers will work the meal and the auction. Please start getting items that can be donated for the live auction. Have questions – contact Kristi. We need items by March 31st, unless they are fresh, then by 5 pm on April 7th.

April 7th – Shot gun raffle. Tickets will be sold and go directly to the kids balance that sells them. Tickets will be sold until April 28th.

 Participation in the fundraisers will result in the money raised being divided equally between the students that work it. These generate a large amount of camp funds and we want to share that with all the students. Your students are highly encouraged to participate. The auction is split into two sections – auction and meal. Kids that donate will  get a portion of the auction funds. Kids that work the meal will get a portion of the auction funds. Kids can get portions of both.
Getting Ready
May 1– Camp balances will be sent out.

May 1– Camp balances due. Balances will be given after the final fundraiser is over and totaled.

May 22nd – Mandatory Parent meeting at 6:30 pm in the Worship center. Any forms needed will be completed. We will go over schedule, expectations, and plans for the week. Questions will be answered and the adults going on the trip will be there. All students and parents need to attend this meeting.

May 26th – Bag Drop off 5-6pm. Please have students drop bags off at Bethany. When the bag is dropped off, it will be checked by an adult leader going on the trip. We will be checking for unauthorized items. You will find the packing list in the packet. Any items found to not be allowed on the trip, will be placed in a bag and given to parents the next morning at camp departure. You can also bring medication for campers and leave with Kristi. All meds will be kept by Kristi and given out per the instructions.

Snacks can be sent with students for the week. We will provide snacks and gatorades/waters for the kids. If they want something specific they can bring it. ZERO energy drinks will be allowed on the trip.

COVID/FLU – Any student with a Covid diagnosis or in a home with a Covid diagnosis 10 days prior to camp will not be allowed to attend camp.  Any student with a Flu diagnosis 5 days prior to camp will not be allowed to attend. There are over 1000 kids at camp (with 50+ being in our group). We feel it is honorable to Bethany Baptist and to God in being great stewards of our health and not spreading Covid/Flu knowingly. Zero exceptions will be made.
The Trip
Students can bring a small bag for the trip (with items needed on the drive – wallet (please send money for Chick Fil A there and back). This bag will also be checked before we leave.

May 27-31 – Camp. A drop off and pick up time will be posted at a later date.

June 2nd – Youth Sunday. All campers will be part of the morning worship at Bethany. Come see what camp was about, what they learned and listen to the testimonies of a week we have been praying for. Students need to wear camp t-shirts. We will spend some time in our small group at 9:45 going over the plan for worship.