About Us

Our History

Bethany Baptist Church was organized in 1874 by a group of community residents who wanted to band together and form a congregation near their homes.

Sampson Brewer Barfield gave a corner of his property at the crossroads of, what was then, the Franklinville – Troupeville Road and Valdosta Road for the church site. He requested that the church be named for his mother, Bethenia Brewer Barfield.

Those members erected a building which still stands and is now being used as a multi-purpose facility. The beams were hand-hewn and a pot-bellied stove was the only source of heat. There were doors on each side of the building, which served as separate entrances for the men and then women.

The church was constituted in 1877 by J.C. McMillan. J.C. was the church clerk at the time. They total membership was 70 and the property was valued at $1,500.
In the beginning, baptismal services were held at a small, spring-fed pond, then known as Barfield Pond. Later these events took place at the river.

In 1958, Tally Lawson donated additional land. The site grew to its present size when Waldo Stith added to the tract in 1969.

In May of 1999, the church dedicated a new sanctuary that would seat 400 people to accommodate the growing church.

Meet our team

We have a great team here at Bethany Baptist Church and we are dedicated to serving you. Let us know if you need anything.