Bethany Baptist Church - 5064 Bethany Rd. Hahira, GA

Our Mission

Bethany Baptist Church of Hahira is a growing church with a simple mission and structure. Jesus gave all of His followers the mission to make more followers of Him. In order to accomplish this we focus on three things. It starts with connecting with God. Our worship services are planned in such a way to allow anyone who attends an opportunity to connect with God. Once an individual does this we desire for them to grow with others in a small group. These small groups provide an opportunity to build relationships and to live out the biblical concept of community. After a person is committed to a small group we encourage them to connect with a ministry. God has given all of us gifts, talents, and abilities and He expects us to use them in the local church. So our process for making disciples is to connect with God, grow with others, and reach the world.

Our structure is simple. We do not have multiple committee’s that require a lot of red tape to be crossed before ministry can happen. We also don’t have a lot of business meetings. We have a group of men, who serve as Elders, that ensures our church is healthy and moving in the right direction. We have one business meeting a year to vote on the annual budget. We believe simple is best. Our goal is to not allow business and a complicated structure to slow us down in accomplishing our God-given mission.

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