Bethany Baptist Church - 5064 Bethany Rd. Hahira, GA

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New to podcasts? Don’t understand what all this RSS feed business means? Don’t worry! If you’re on a computer (PC or Mac) and have iTunes, simply click this link subscribe to podcast and you’ll automatically be subscribed to the Bethany Baptist Church Podcast. That means, each week, Pastor Nick Kudyk’s Sunday morning sermon will be automatically downloaded into your iTunes account and available in the Podcast category. Don’t worry, it’s free, it’s secure, and you don’t have to worry about commercials or advertisements. If you’re still not sure about automatic downloads and subscriptions, you can still stream or download each individual podcast here.

Monty Hammack is the Worship Leader at Bethany Baptist Church - Hahira, Georgia. He works closely with Pastor Nick Kudyk to coordinate services and also serves as the church's technical advisor.

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